AK48 Auto Feminised Seeds

AK48 Auto Feminised Seeds

AK48 Auto Feminised Seeds are a wonderful option for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a high-yielding and easy-to-grow variety.

This hybrid is a cross between Afghani and Thai, and produces high THC levels. Its short flowering time of 7-9 weeks makes it a great choice for cultivators who are just starting out. The AK48 will reach a height of 120cm, and features a classic central cola, a large number of small bud sites, and yields of 400-500g per square metre.

AK48 is an indica-sativa hybrid

AK48 Auto Feminised Seeds are a high-quality autoflowering indica-sativa variety from Nirvana. This indica-dominant strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing. It has a medium yield and good resistance to mold and temperature changes. This variety grows slowly up to 100 cm. It also has a low smell.

AK48 produces high levels of THC

The AK-48 Auto Feminised Seeds produces a vigorous and fast flowering Indica/Sativa hybrid. With genetics ranging from Mexican to Colombian Gold, this plant is easy to grow in any outdoor environment. It features large, dense buds with a melon odour indoors and an exuberant, citrusy aroma when outdoors.

AK48 is a cross between Thai x Mexican x Afghani

The AK-48 cannabis strain is a feminized hybrid that has large, frosty buds, and a balanced, fast-flowering effect. This strain is an excellent choice for novice growers, and many people have found it to be one of their favorites. This strain was bred by crossing Colombian Gold with Mexican and Thai, and it is primarily sativa dominant with some indica traits.

AK48 autoflowering

AK48 autoflowering seeds have a short flowering time, so they’re great for indoor growers. They can also be grown outdoors, although they’ll need an environment that closely mimics a Mediterranean climate. In either case, you’ll need to monitor your plants closely throughout the growing season.

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