Banana Blaze Auto Feminised Seeds Review

Banana Blaze Auto Feminised Seeds

Banana Blaze Auto Feminised seeds are a high THC strain with a very high yield. It is also very easy to grow.

In this article, we will look at how this strain fares as an Autoflowering variety. If you are wondering what makes it so good, read on.

Autoflowering version of Banana Blaze

The autoflowering version of Banana Blaze is just as potent as the photoperiod version and possesses the same fruity flavour and effect. This cannabis strain grows to a height of one metre and will flower in about six to eight weeks after germination. If you’re considering growing this strain, you’ll want to start with a feminized seed.

The Auto Banana Blaze is a strain created by Dutch Passion, one of the world’s oldest cannabis seed banks. It is an Indica dominant autoflower with long, dense buds. It also produces copious amounts of resin. This strain is remarkably easy to grow and is very robust. It can grow in a variety of climates and is also fast to finish flowering.

High THC content

Banana Blaze is a cannabis strain with a high THC content that can be very potent. This cannabis strain has a pronounced fruity and tropical aroma, with a sweet, citrus flavour that is close to banana. Its flavour is best when smoked in a joint, while the strain is also good for vaping.

This autoflower is a great choice for new growers. It is easy to grow and produces high yields within twelve weeks. It produces dense buds with a dense oily resin layer that is typical of Indica strains. This layer can be extremely sticky, and growers are advised to wear gloves when harvesting the plant. This marijuana strain is very easy to smoke and produces a relaxing high.

Heavy yields

Banana Blaze is a very productive autoflowering cannabis seed variety that produces high yields. The plant grows in a compact to medium size and is easy to trim. It produces both leafy and chunky buds. It is a perfect choice for SOG growing.

The plant has a sweet, nutty aroma that will leave you with a pleasant buzz. Heavy yields are typical of this variety, which is a perfect choice for newbie growers. It can produce up to 150 grams per plant when grown outdoors. It is best to grow the plant in organic soil to ensure top quality and flavour. Banana Blaze autoflower has an exceptional terpene profile and is an excellent choice for daytime and evening use.

Easy to grow

Auto Banana Blaze autoflowering cannabis seed is a robust Indica dominant autoflower with a fruity, sweet, tropical aroma. Its large, full buds and Christmas tree structure provide a high yield. It is easy to grow and can tolerate cooler temperatures. Banana Blaze grows to about one metre in height.

Its fruity flavor is complemented by a euphoric body high. This strain is easy to grow as it requires only minimal attention. The seeds must be soaked in warm water for 48 hours before planting. Then they need to be placed in a seed tray indoors. The soil should have plenty of organic compost. This will provide essential nutrients for the banana plant.

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