Bubble Gum Feminised weed Seeds

Bubble Gum Feminised weed Seeds

Bubble Gum Feminised – Bubble Gum, an indica-dominant strain of cannabis, has a sweet strawberry flavour. The long, thick and resin-coated buds make for a beautiful sight. 

It is very easy to grow, and it adapts well to all types of grow media as well as cultivation methods.

Gelato Feminised Seeds

These plants are quite small indoors, growing to 80-100 cm. 

They grow to a height of approximately 550-600 gr/m 2 within 8 weeks of flowering. Outdoors plants can get much bigger, 180 – 250 cm. The yields are proportionally higher for plants that are taller than they are. Harvests from the Northern Hemisphere will be available towards September’s end.

It is evident that strawberry and pink bubble gum scents are both present. 

The THC content of this product is approximately 18%. It has a very relaxing effect, but it also provides mental alertness.

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