Strawberry Pie Autoflowering Feminised

Strawberry Pie Autoflowering feminized potseeds

Strawberry Pie Autoflowering is mostly Indica and comes with a delicious smell and a high concentration of THC.

These colorful plants have a very short flowering period and can produce bumper yields from autos. Strawberry Pie Auto is commercially fascinating, and has a an appeal to the connoisseur.

They are compact plants that are about 100 cm. tall.

They develop in a typical Indica pattern , with columns with large fan leaves as well as side-branches that are symmetrical, which produce heavy buds.

Plants can benefit greatly from LST (low stresss training) along with certain leaf pruning to allow to get the maximum amount of light thus increasing yields.

Light feeding on a regular basis is preferable and flushing after a few weeks will enhance the vibrant display and the flavor of the final product.

How Strawberry Pie Auto-Grows

Indoor growers can expect to achieve as much as 550 grams per square meter after 8-9 weeks of flowering. The dense buds encased with trichomes.

Buds are pale green and pink-ish with pistils of light range, and the smaller leaves display purple, pink and red hues.

The grow room will possess an odor of fruity, sweet and a Skunk-y scent. Outdoor growers should make use of pots that weigh at least 15l to get the greatest returns.

Strawberry Pie Auto Taste Smell, Effect, and Taste

Dry, cured buds emit the sweet strawberry and Skunk notes with hints of cream and cookie dough as well as a hint of fuel. The flavor, in turn it is full of red berries as well as fuel after inhalation, with cookies, cookie dough as well as cinnamon, pine, and herbs when exhaling.

The THC content can be as high as 26% even with very little CBD. It’s a relaxing experience but leaves users awake and free of being locked in their couch. Ideal for evenings and days at home watching television or reading, and listening to your favorite music.

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